Start your year on the right path.

8 weeks of evidence-based content and support to get you set up and on the path to financial success. Establish your essential savings, pay down debt, and break free from financial stress in 2022.

February 1 - March 31

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Meet the Team

Melissa Pancoast

Alex Orozco


Malcolm Steele


What are we all about?

When our founder and CEO, Melissa Pancoast, was a teacher, she noticed that her community’s stress, from the teachers’ lounge to her students’ parents, had financial roots.

Our mission is to simplify the path to financial balance through evidence-based design and cutting edge technology, so that you can stress less about money and focus on what you love. Learn more here.

Who is the Lab for?

Our program is designed for but not limited to educators, healthcare workers, non-profit and government workers who are early on in their financial independence. Recognizing that many of these individuals often put service to others above taking care of themselves we have created a space that is about you and your growth.