There’s Still Time to Make this Your Year

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We’ve put together our top three (achievable) New Year’s resolutions geared towards improving your financial wellness while finding balance across all aspects of your life at home.

Hundreds of feet in the air, a tightrope walker balances precariously on a wire. She moves slowly, with grace and care, yet one wrong move could send her toppling down.

Sound familiar? That’s because finding balance in our everyday lives is not unlike the job of the tightrope walker. We take care to manage our priorities and to achieve some semblance of balance among work, family, and finances, only to be derailed by an unexpected cost or expense that sends us spiraling back to where we started.

As we continue to slog through the COVID economy, it feels all the more important to follow through with the resolutions we made to improve our lives. Now, we know what you’re thinking: New Year’s resolutions never stick. In fact, research has shown that even though 60 percent of us make resolutions, only about eight percent see them through. And if your goal is to improve your financial wellness in the New Year, you have an even smaller chance of success: Saving money is one of the top five most commonly failed resolutions.

It doesn’t have to be— and it’s not too late to get going again. We’ve put together our top three (achievable) New Year’s resolutions geared towards improving your financial wellness while finding balance across all aspects of your life at home. The ultimate goal? Walk the 2021 tightrope with ease and assurance instead of fear, so that even if you slip, you’ll have a cushion built up to catch you and trampoline you back up there.


Resolution #1: Master the elusive work +life balance

Maintaining work+life balance is beneficial in more ways than one: It can reduce stress, prevent burnout, improve productivity, and increase job satisfaction. Yet many of us struggle to achieve it, partly because right now as many of us work from home, the line drawn between work and life is blurred.

After a day of work it can feel overwhelming to take care of your daily obligations, too. If tackling bills and managing your budget are taking up too many non-work hours, it might be time to make a change.

That’s where The Beans comes in: We’ll build you a plan for your money so you can focus on the life part of work+life balance. Other ways to achieve work+life balance include:

  • Schedule time for you the way you’d schedule a meeting. 
  • Only say yes to Zoom social events that you feel add value to your life.
  • Set (and stick to) working hours and make it a priority to not check your work email after hours.

Resolution #2: Plan for your financial wellness so that you can plug in when you need to and unplug when you’re done.

Our lives are endlessly busy these days, and it’s hard to find the headspace to tackle everything on that to-do list. Our resolution? Tap into The Beans to save time and get your finances on track. That way, you can plug in and focus during work hours and then easily unplug afterwards. 

This type of financial planning can also come in handy when you’re faced with unforeseen costs. Whether your car breaks down, your dog needs emergency surgery, or every one of your friends invites you to be in their wedding next year, having a plan means you’ll be able to work through these unexpected expenses without feeling totally overwhelmed. 


Resolution #3: Spend less time stressing about your money and more time pursuing your passion.

Yes, it is possible to achieve financial balance by creating a Plan and spending in alignment with your values. 

How? At The Beans, we’ll build you a financial plan that feels right and allows you to do the things you love without a second thought. Not sure about your passion, yet? Start off by trying a hobby or two. In addition, there are tons of balance-friendly ways to have some fun: 

  • Instead of buying your usual breakfast sandwich this weekend, make this epic french toast casserole (seriously, it’s worth it).
  • Make a bag of popcorn and watch a movie online with friends.
  • Institute a weekly game night and explore a few online games with friends.
  • Can’t wait to travel later? Plan an epic trip now while airfare prices are low.