Feel Great About
Your Finances.
You Earned It.

Get what you want

The Beans will build you a personalized financial plan, effortlessly, then serve up support so you’re always one step ahead. We know you work hard for your money—celebrate it!

It’s handled

There are 3 proven ways to feel awesome about your finances, we’ve got them covered
  • Have a plan. Check! Sign up and we’ll tackle that.
  • Have some cash for adventures...planned and unplanned. Consider it done.
  • Spend in alignment with your personality and values. Yes! We’ll help you do more of what you love.
Low Maintenance
No app required, no hours lost teaching our tech. Just plug in your email or bank accounts and get going
News You Can Use
We’re not an accountancy package. We give you clear, useful info and actionable advice right when you need it on SMS and email
Wellness > Net Worth
We’re a financial wellness company, we’re not trying to make you rich but helping you live a rich life. You are more than your account balance


We use smart, secure technology to crunch your numbers and help you mind your beans.
We don’t have access to move or remove money from your accounts and we will never pass on your data, Ever.
Our full Security and Privacy Policy is here, or you can contact us if you have any questions.